Frequently asked questions for weddings and special events

How do we select a program of music for our event?


Please see the event specific repertoire lists on the Services page for a general selection. If you have any specific requirements, or simply need help in choosing a program, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Would you be prepared to learn a new piece/song for our event?


Yes, this is usually possible, please contact us to discuss your ideas.

Will we be able to hear you? Do you provide your own amplification system?


We have our own amplification system, which can be adjusted to suit your requirements.

What will you require from us?


We will require two armless chairs of a standard height in a well lit space, large enough to comfortably accommodate two people and in close proximity to a plug for our sound equipment. If the event is outside, we will require a shaded area, protected from direct sunlight or (god forbid) rain.

Do you attend wedding/event rehearsals?


Unfortunately, due to our schedule, we are unable to attend rehearsals for weddings or other events. We will arrive on the day and allow plenty of time to set up and discuss any final arrangements. 

When will you require payment?


We politely ask that we receive payment prior to the start of the ceremony/event, so that we do not need to trouble you with financial matters during, or after your special event.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us